Expand Customer Service
Beyond Call Centre Floor

Partner app helps customers to communicate
with anybody in their journey

Insurance Broker, On-Call Doctor, Hotel Shuttle Driver

What do these roles have in common? They are all part of the customer journey but have primary tasks in their job descriptions. They are also on the move, do not have access to a desktop application all the time. Partner app can help these roles to have a direct communication with the customers without getting disrupted from their daily tasks.

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Accept Customer Chats

Partner app helps employees and partners outside the customer service team to accept chat requests from the customers without getting disrupted from their primary tasks.

Call Customers Back

Customers can request callbacks for a particular skill and Partner app users can accept and add those requests to their calendars.

Share Location in Chat

Customer or the Partnercan share their locations to meet in person.

Share Image Files in Chat

Customer or the Partner can share image files securely, if needed

Location-Based Agent Assignment

Partner app helps customer enquiry to be assigned to the nearest team member to the customers geo-location.

On-Call, On the Go

If you are an on-call nurse, hotel shuttle driver or field engineer, you can use Partner app to communicate with the customers near you without any desktop PC.

  • What

    Partner Mobile App by NoTime helps employees and partners who are not in customer service lifecycle but part of the customer experience to be able to communicate with the customers convenitently. Once customer starts a chat request or submits a callack request, Partner app helps users to pick up those requests and respond to customer chat and callbacks. If they are on the move, they can be assigned to the customer chat/callback request if they are the nearest resource to customer's geolocation.

  • Why

    There are many instances that customer needs to communicate directly with the roles such as a sales rep at the nearest shop, real-estate consultants, insurance brokers who are reselling the services of large organizations as well as the medical stuff and hospitality workers. These are busy people, they can not take customer calls. But they may take customer chat and callback requests and respond in their own time. It is win/win; customers can communicate with the experts directly who can help them and happy to wait a little for the response and the experts provide personalized service for a better customer satisfaction and to handle new sales opportunities.

  • How

    When company administrator creates agents in NoTime platform, an email sent to each agent to verify their details and download the mobile app. Once they login to the app, they can see all the unassigned chat and callback requests, chat to other members of the teams they are part of and post questions to the team chatrooms. They can also see their own stats and performance from the Dashboard tab. Their geo-location can be monitored while they are logged in and they can be assigned to the nearest customer who requests chat or callbacks for their skill.

  • who

    Anybody within the organization or company's partners, resellers, freelancers can use Partner app to have a direct communication with the customers. Especially people who are not office-based or on the move find Partner app very convenient to communicate with the customers.

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