• Problem

    We are trying to solve the communication problem between the customers and the organisations. Today, customers are offered very limited options to communicate with the organisations; usually either through a call center or webforms. Call centre call volumes are increasing as the business gets more complicated and customer care costs are spiralling. Also there are many instances where customer would like to communicate with the members of the organisation who are not full-time call center agents. However this is currently not possible; either because it is hard to find the contact details of those teams or taking customer calls will interrupt the day to day tasks of those employees. However, this affects customer experience negatively and causes issues in the sales and service delivery lifecycles.

  • Solution

    We believe customers accessing the organisation through a mobile app helps to streamline the enquiries so that customers can contact the right team in the business. They can also use the alternative channels offered by NoTime app so that the number of voice calls to the customer care can be minimized.

    Visualised company tree helps customer to avoid any Press 1, Press 2 type of IVR steps or need for a speech recognition. Once they find the right team they have the opportunity to communicate with the team directly using various channels; they can make a direct mobile call, voice or video over internet call, persistent chat, send a tweet to the team or an email to the team alias. Otherwise they can simply request a callback with a given date and time. Using this new approach, we would like to shift the customer engagement channels from voice and webforms into alternative channels such as persistent chat, email and callbacks. This will reduce the voice enquiries in customer care and will help to manage more customers with the same customer service resources.

    We offer a NoTime Mobile app for the customers so that they can engage with multiple organisations using the same app. We offer organisations to build their own customer experience interfaces visually to help their customers to access the exact team that will solve their problem. NoTime app offers customers, direct mobile call to the exact team, voice or video over IP, persistent chat, email to the exact team while the team email address is hidden, request callback and send tweets to each team.

    We also provide NoTime Partner app so that employees who are on the move can respond to chat and callback requests. They can also login as a call center agent and receive customer calls through their mobile phone line (Cisco call centers only).

  • Features
    • Single mobile app to access multiple organisations
    • Visualised company tree structure
    • Multi-language Support on NoTime and Partner apps
    • Dynamic options based on customer's location
    • Mobile Calls to the exact team without any IVR
    • Persistent chat with chat history
    • Easy access to AI Chatbots for various business functions
    • Integration with Contact Centre agent desktop interfaces
    • Engagement history
    • Voice and video over internet calls to the organisation
    • Pre and post engagement surveys
    • Star-based feedback
    • Email to the team alias
    • Callback requests
    • Tweet to the company Twitter account with the team code as hashtag
    • Easy access to active chats
  • Benefits
    • No need to build, advertise and maintain a mobile app
    • Retain chat history, avoid multiple enquiries for the same issue
    • Customer can start chat from web, continue from mobile
    • Better rapport using Video over IP calls
    • Email to the team alias to engage with the right team quicker
    • Easy access to Chatbots reduces overhead
    • Skill-Based Twitter using team hashtags such as #21, #14
    • Agent can respond to customer tweet with mobile chat request
    • Callback request - Dialer integration for automating callback process

We aim to minimise the inbound calls by making customer chat and other channels more accessible.

Mobile persistent chat and other channels can easily change customer behavior for the engagement with the businesses.


Security and Privacy

NoTime can not technically record any voice conversations since the audio/video traffic is between the customer and the business

There is no registration or password requirement for customers to use NoTime. For chat and VoIP calls, we request customer to validate their email address and mobile phone number

Organizations can host visual company structure, chat and callback services on their network for an additional level of security and data privacy


NoTime is a Growth Engine

Better Engagement with the Customer helps Loyalty and Growth

Customers can talk to the subject matter expers directly through mobile chat. Since the chat history is retained, experts can respond when they are available. Getting the right information easily improves customer's journey and builds loyalty

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