How To Rollout NoTime for Your Organization

Rolling Out NoTime within Your Customer Base

  • Advertize
    • Add NoTime logo into your website contacts section
    • Use NoTime logo, QR code and download links at your email marketing content
    • Mention customers about persistent chat, voice and video over internet calls
    • Update call center queue music with NoTime information
    • Offer press 9 or # to request NoTime download link
    • Add a NoTime app pop-up on your Support or Contact page in your website. Once customer enters their phone number, they will receive an SMS text with NoTime app download link
  • Incentivize

    According to 2015 Customer Loyalty Census, 67% of the revenues in the US businesses come from the existing customer base. Building a better relationship with your customers has a direct positive effect to your sales and revenues.

    Incentivizing customers who are using NoTime makes a perfect business sense. This can be as little as prioritizing calls coming through NoTime in the call center queues up to offering additional discounts, loyalty rewards and other exclusive benefits

  • Expand

    One of the great features of NoTime is to offer communication channels between customer and employees outside the customer service. There are many cases customer needs a direct communication with various employees as part of the customer journey. NoTime helps to expand customer experience beyond call center floow, through the whole organization.

    Using the Partner mobile app or NoTime web-based partner interface, employees can handle customer questions in their own time, without getting distracted from their primary tasks.

  • Grow

    More customers use NoTime to communicate with you, better chance that they will have a great customer experience. Things may go wrong but what frustrates customers the most is not being able to communicate with the right person when that happens.

    Proactively handling any customer enquiry will bring more loyalty, increase recommendations and speed up the conversion of prospects into paying customers.

You can incentivise your customers to access your organization via NoTime by offering Customer Loyalty Tokens

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