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Design Your Customer Experience

You can build the customer experience structure with your logo, marketing colors and visuals. It helps your organization to offer a personalised mobile experience while keeping the app structure consistent to avoid any confusion at the customer end.

Plan Your Customer Experience Workflow

Create Company Tree Structure

You can create the visual company structure at NoTime. It is possible to add some images at the top layer. The rest of the layers will be colored using your company colors.

Company Logo and Other Visuals

It is possible to add some images at the top layer of the company tree. The rest of the layers will be colored using your company colors. You can also set the colors for the navigation section at the top and add your company logo.

Agents and Skills

For the chat and callback, you will create some skills, agents and then assign the agents to these channels. These agents can be contact center reps as well as other employees. Employees who are not full time call center agents can access customer chat and callbacks using the Partner web interface or Partner Mobile App

Teams and Channels

There are six different communication channels for each company tree endpoint. You can enable some or all of the channels for the endpoint. The channels which are not configured will be visually disabled.


You can create pre and post engagement survey questions. There can be one pre-engagement and one post-engagement question with up to five answer options. You also have an option to use star rating option instead of post-engagement question.

Voice/Video over IP Integration

Before creating the company tree, you can enable voice and video over IP feature. Once enabled, this feature will provide you the SIP Trunk details that your IT team needs to configure to establish voice and video channels between your enterprise telephony system and NoTime users.


Omnichannel Agents

Chat, Callback, Email and Twitter

For omnichannel contact centre agents, NoTime offers web-based agent interface. It is also possible integrate chat, callback and email functionality into Cisco Finesse and Genesys Agent Console.

For employees who are not full-time contact centre agents, there is also Partner app by NoTime. Using this app, users can respond to chat, callback and email enquiries.


Contact Center Reps

NoTime Omnichannel Agent features for Contact Center Agents

NoTime provides web gadgets that you can implement into your Cisco Finesse or Genesys Agent Consoles.

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