How It Works

NoTime Technical Architecture

NoTime mobile app or web apps communicate with the NoTime Cloud. Customer searches for an organization and once it is selected, retrieves the company tree structure from the NoTime service.

Once the customer finds the right team to communicate, she can select one of the collaboration channels available.

In the receiving end, contact centre agent or NoTime Partner app user responds to the request and the communication channel is established.


Voice over Data Calls to Your Organization

For the voice and video over IP calls, NoTime creates a SIP trunk between your Unified Communications structure and NoTime Voice Network. SIP trunk details will be issued while you register to NoTime.

Built-in SIP client within NoTime app will register to NoTime Voice Network and depending on the team selected by the NoTime user, the call will be routed to the relevant company and their internal extension through IP.

NoTime is your app; Its security and privacy is at business

NoTime High Level Design - On Premise

You can host your company tree structure in NoTime Cloud as well as your own network, along with the omnichannel services such as Chat, Callback and Email.

NoTime Omnichannel Server is a Linux-based pre-built, pre-installed server environment that will be delivered as a single OVA file.


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