Online or On-Premise, faster, convenient communication is the key for Retail Success

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Easy, personal chat with Advisors

Better communication channels with the customers help you to increase retention and renewals while offers opportunities for the upsell.

Find a rep from the nearest sales point

Customers can chat to their favourite sales rep in the local store or find the nearest contact to their current location.

Better Human Interaction

NoTime helps easy access to the exact team customer is looking for, faster resolutions and quick results in the sales process.

Assign an Account Manager for Every Single Customer

You can assign an account manager who can answer customer's questions through chat, start a mobile chat with the customer ahead of the renewals and can take callback requests from the customer.

Changes and Returns

You can make the change and the return process seamless by using NoTime app. Customers can contact the department for the changes and returns, get a free shipment sticker over the chat and get update about drop-off/pick-up points.

Quick Sell over the Chat

You can create a notification board per airport or per flight to dynamically notify the customers about the important information.

We aim to minimise the incoming calls by making customer chat and callback more accessible.

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