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NoTime helps airline passengers to communicate with various teams in the overall travel experience
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Chat to Cabin Crew before getting on board

Passengers are offered an opportunity to inform any important information even before getting on board. Airline cabin crew can use NoTime Partner App to retrieve and respond to customer chat and callback requests. This channel can be available during and after the flight as well.

Minimize Call Center Calls

Airline customers are usually on the go therefore, webchat type of alternative channels are not easily accessible. NoTime helps them to start a mobile chat with the customer service, ground crew and the cabin crew who can respond using NoTime Partner App

Quick Payments through NoTime

In case of any last minute changes such as excess luggage fee, paid upgrade options, you can accept payments through NoTime. This eliminates any build-up on the airline customer service desk and

Better Customer Rewards

Customer Loyalty Token is an easily collectible and redeemable digital currency that you can configure. You can also reward customers who have delayed or cancelled flights with easily redeemable loyalty tokens.

Notify Passengers for Changes

You can inform passengers by starting an automatic chat session with a real rep or a chatbot and explain the changed situation and what they need to do. They can respond back to the chat session with their queries and concerns.

Better Human Interaction

NoTime helps easy access to the exact team passenger is looking for, faster resolutions and quick results in the customer experience. Airline representatives can start a chat session with the customer either through a live person or a chatbot.

NoTime Partner App for the employees on the go

NoTime Partner app helps airline personnel who are part of the customer journey to accept passenger chat and callback requests when they are available.

Partner app login page and the interface colors change to the logo and the colors of your company, so that in the next login your personnel will see your airline's logo and the colors.

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NoTime App vs Airline App

Many airlines successfully launched their check-in apps and reached a considerable number of active users. Also, airlines prefer to minimize third party dependencies by offering most of the services internally.

Airlines can host NoTime server elements on their data centers and use global NoTime service as a failover. NoTime is a customer service app and does not aim to replace airline check-in apps. We believe that customer experience management is comprehensive enough to deserve a dedicated mobile app. The successful mobile apps focus on a single problem and trying to add many different concepts into single app usually gives negative results. As an example; Vodafone, global mobile operator offers six different apps in the UK only, each solving a particular problem.

  • Why Airlines?

    During Airline experience, passengers need to communicate with various employees of the airline access different sources of information. NoTime can help passengers to communicate with the ground crew as well as cabin crew without disrupting the primary tasks of these employees.

    There may be many unexpected circumstances in airline experience such as flight delays, cancellations, luggage issues, special access, disability help, informing the cabin for the allergies, change in the meal preferences. However all the people who may help passengers are on the move and usually short in time. Omnichannel experience can help customer to have a chat session, or request a callback with a note about the urgency. Passengers can also use the alternative channels to communicate with the head office quickly. Rather than calling the call center, they can use alternative channels so that, airlines can better manage the irregular customer service load.

  • Tools

    Staff who are on the move can use NoTime Partner app to handle chat and callback requests conveniently. They can also start a direct mobile chat with the customer when needed. This can also be started by a chatbot as the first line then can be transferred to an agent.

    We also provide NoTime Partner app so that employees who are on the move can respond to chat and callback requests. They can also login as a call center agent and receive customer calls through their mobile phone line (Cisco call centers only).

  • Omnichannel

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  • Surveys

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