Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NoTime?

    It is a single app for consumers to communicte with multiple organizations using various channels. It helps organizations to offer better engagement with the customers, speed up their processes and achieve greater results.

  • How can we make our business more "Customer-centric"?

    You can identify the stakeholders in your business that customers would need to communicate. They can be part of the customer service team or have other roles such as warehouse specialist, delivery driver, airline cabin crew etc. Then you plan the best visual structure and link those roles into it. Contact center reps will have specialist tools on their agent applications, especially if you are using Cisco or Genesys technologies. Other users will answer customer chat, callback, email and Twitter enquiries via Partner mobile app

  • What are the security and privacy measures NoTime offers?

    All communication is through encrypted communication channels. API based communication is through HTTPS / SHA256 and Voice and Video over IP are through Secure RTP and secure SIP Signaling. All the details of the activities are stored in a secure cloud environment. NoTime also offers the opportunity to host the omnichannel services for chat and callback as well as company tree structure.

  • How long does it take to see the updates in the mobile app interfaces?

    Every time customer launches the company tree structure, NoTime app presents the latest settings. It is also possible to schedule the changes so that they will be updated at the specified date and time.

  • Which Natural Language Processing services do you support for AI Chatbots?

    Currently we support API.AI. We will soon add other NLP services as well.

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