Virtual Assistant will embrace Customer Experience in NoTime

Why AI Chatbots are not popular

Web chat is not easily accessible

Customer chat is mostly available as browser-based chat. However many customers are mobile or would prefer mobile persistent chat so that they can retain chat history until all the questions are answered.

Closed domain chatbots offer better results

Chatbots achieve the best result if the potential subject of the conversation is known i.e. whe it is in closed domain. If we know roughly what customer wants to talk about, we can configure the chatbots more accurately.

Creating a chatbot for business is complicated

AI-based chatbot requires some analysis to guess the customer behavior and potential questions. After the chatbot goes live, it also needs to be monitored for the failed questions and fine-tuned.

NoTime can help on all these points

NoTime offers a chat function that is easily accessible both from web and the mobile. Customer can easily find the right skill and chat history is retained until all the questions are answered

Visual tree structure in NoTime app helps customers to find the right skill in the organization, narrowing down the subject as much as possible. This helps chatbot to have more accurate answers and links to the backoffice data.

NoTime works with leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) services which are accurate as well as user-friendly. So that business analysts can easily create and tune the chatbot for each skill.

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