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About Comstice

  • History

    Comstice was founded in February 2014. We initially started in London UK, and shortly after that expanded to United States. Currently around 70% of our customers are based in the US. Comstice is creating applications for contact center and customer care industry. We became Cisco Solution Partner in 2015 and Genesys Application Partner in 2017.

  • Vision

    We believe that customer service tools and solutions with a better user experience make a significant difference in performance. It is also clear that call centers are one of the bottlenecks of the overall customer experience. Expanding customer service beyond call center floor and moving customer enquiries from voice to alternative channels are the solutions moving forward. Mobile-first customer service will help customers to achieve omnichannel success and NoTime is one of the ideas we created for this vision.

  • Team

    Our core team including development are based in London, UK. We have the business development teams based in the USA and technical support teams are based in Izmir, Turkey.

  • Future Strategy

    We want to create success stories with NoTime where organizations will succeed to move majority of the customer enquiries from voice calls to alternative channels, optimise customer experience and lower their costs. Better customer experience will help us to promote customer service as a growth engine.

    We also strenghten this strategy by combining customer service with customer loyalty. Customer Loyalty Token (LOT) is a decentralised and open-source customer rewarding mechanism we are offering to the businesses. More information about Customer Loyalty Token can be found here.

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