Customer Loyalty Token

Better Rewards for Customer Loyalty

Decentralized, Convertible and Exchangeable Customer Rewards Currency for your customers

NoTime makes loyalty rewards easier

Using NoTime app, customers can earn and spend loyalty tokens easily.

NoTime app helps customers to earn and spend loyalty tokens easily. They can show their QR Code or touch their smart device to RFID Readers and tokens will be added to the blockchain under that customer's address.

They can then spend their rewards using the same method, or transfer them. It is also possible to claim and spend loyalty tokens online using email and phone number combination or your loyalty token address, a secure and encrypted address that protects your identity.

  • Decentralised
    No Central Authority

    Customer Loyalty Token uses Decentralized Blockchain Technology, therefore there is no central authority available to control, manage and monitor the loyalty schemes. This also means that there is no authority to restrict users and merchants to exchange loyalty tokens with other users and merchants.

    Merchants can run their own loyalty programs and any tokens rewarded to the customers can be used to purchase other products and services. This makes the loyalty programs more valuable to the customer, therefore they have a bigger influence on their purchase decisions.

  • Open Source
    Loyalty Token Technology is Open Source

    The technology and the code used to create Customer Loyalty Token is available as open source. Merchants and cryptocurrency exchanges can create applications to offer token wallets.

    NoTime mobile app helps customers to earn tokens. Soon NoTime app will include the loyalty token wallet.

  • Exchangeable
    Freedom of Choice in Rewards Use

    Customers have a bigger freedom of choice when they are trying to spend their loyalty tokens they are rewarded; they can purchase products and services from other merchants. Customer Loyalty Token offers a universal loyalty scheme that any business can be a part of.

    This makes your loyalty programs more attractive to the customers, therefore they will be more interested in to use your products and services for the loyalty rewards offered.

  • Convertible
    Cashing In

    Token holders -end customer or the business- can convert their loyalty tokens to any other cryptocurrency or simply cash in as US Dollar, Euros etc. through currency exchanges.

    There are a finite number of loyalty tokens created and as the user base of NoTime app increases, token value will increase as well.

    One of the ways to earn loyalty tokens and reward your customers is to promote NoTime to your customers. More they use NoTime to collaborate with your organization, more tokens your organization will earn. You can then reward your customers with those tokens.

It costs up to five times more to win a new customer than keeping the existing one

If you would like to learn more about Customer Loyalty Token, how it works, technology used and how to obtain, you can request a callback or simply visit

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