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NoTime helps your customers to have a great communication
with your teams and partners during their entire customer journey
It offers a Single App to communicate with many businesses.
Companies can create their own customer journeys in NoTime app
Create Customer Journeys
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Single Mobile App to Communicate with Many Companies

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Improve Customer Loyalty

Better communication channels with the customers help you to increase retention and renewals while offers opportunities for the upsell.

Expand Customer Service Beyond

NoTime helps customers to communicate with non-Call center staff through alternative channels such as chat, callback, email in a practical way.

Shorten Sales Cycle

NoTime helps easy access to the exact team customer is looking for, faster resolutions and quick results in the sales process.

Create Customer Journeys

You can create your customer journey map and design the visual company structure based on this map

Conduct Surveys

Pre and post engagement surveys helps you to gather the feedback easily while offering agents information about customer experience and sentiment so far.

Cloud or On-Premise

You can be part of NoTime using our cloud service or host everything about your company in your own network.

Mobile-First OmniChannel Customer Experience Management

NoTime Visual Company Structure

Visualized Company Structure

Easy navigation to any team within the organization

NoTime Persistent Customer Chat

Persistent Customer Chat

Full chat history in the mobile and the web

NoTime Customer Loyalty Token

Customer Loyalty Token

Configurable digital currency for customer rewards

NoTime Surveys

Pre and Post Contact Surveys

Pre and post engagement feedback for better sentiment analysis

NoTime Voice and Video over IP

Voice and Video over IP

Voice and video calls over Internet for more personal communications


Partner Mobile App

Separate app for other employees to respond Customer Chat and Callbacks

  • What

    NoTime is a Mobile-First Customer Collaboration Service for organizations of any size. It helps customers to find the exact team within the organization and communicate with them with multiple collaboration channels such as mobile call, voice and video calls over Internet, persistent chat, chatbots, skill-based Twitter, email and callback requests.

    NoTime Service is composed of a universal mobile app called NoTime, cloud-based or on-premise server elements for the multichannel features, extensions for the contact center agents and a mobile app called Partner for the employees who are not full time contact center agents but part of the customer journey.Partner app helps employees outside the contact centers to communicate with the customer through persistent chat, callback and email.

  • Why

    Building better relationships with the customers is vital in today's fast-moving market. Acquiring a new customer can cost up to five times more than retaining existing customers. Fast, scalable and mobile-first communication with the customers at every level of the product or service delivery improves customer experience and satisfaction.

    Inbound Contact Centers are usually the bottleneck for the customers. Offering alternative channels help speed up the customer service process. Features such as persistent chat, skill-based Twitter help NoTime users to communicate with the right team much easily and retain the conversation until all their questions are answered.

  • How

    NoTime can be integrated into your enterprise telephony or contact center for the voice, chat, callback, email and skill-based Twitter. We offer integration with any unified communications or contact center platform. We also provide organic integration options with Cisco and Genesys based contact centers. NoTime is created and managed by Comstice. Comstice is Cisco Solution Partner and Genesys AppFoundry Partner.

    If your business does not have a contact center, NoTime is a great platform to build a customer service organization without a dedicated contact center. Using the Partner app and NoTime Partner web interface, you can launch non-voice contact center by offering persistent chat, email, skill-based Twitter and callbacks no matter what size of business you have.

  • Who

    Businesses of any size, local goverments and other public sector institutions can easily benefit from NoTime. Making alternative channels more accessible and practical helps divert customer behavior from Inbound Call Centers to alternative channels. AI Chatbots can help automate the response for the common questions and issues.

    Any employees who is part of the customer journey can respond to customer enquiries. Hotel Shuttle driver, on-call medical experts, airline cabin crew, local food store and your local goverment departments can easily respond to customer enquiries while retaining their anonimity.

How NoTime Works

NoTime helps you to build better communication channels to your customers. It offers a single universal app that customers can communicate with multiple organisations. Each organisation can fully configure the customer experience in their NoTime visual tree structure, offer voice, video, chat, email, callback, Twitter channels as well as pre and post-engagement surveys for customers.

It helps Customer Service teams to shift customer enquiries from voice calls to chat, callback, email and Twitter. It also offers voice and video over IP calls along with screen sharing for more interactive customer engagement. Persistent Chat feature helps customers to retain the chat enquiry until all their questions are answered, avoiding repeating pre-qualification questions.


Partner App for the Experts

For Employees and Partners outside the Customer Service

There are many roles which are part of the customer journey but outside the Customer Service team. Shuttle driver, Airline Cabin Crew, nearest Insurance Broker who is not probably even employed by the Insurance Company can be access by the customer through chat, callbacks and email.

Create Customer Journeys

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